City Assessments Overview

City Assessments are a core component of the InTAcT project, and are focused on reviewing city land and infrastructure development processes from the perspective of integrity and social accountability. Cities benefit from a facilitated opportunity for reflection on their performance that identifies both areas of good practice and areas for improvement.
The programme includes the completion of a questionnaire and a perception survey, followed by a four-day self-assessment visit to interview and conduct focus groups with various internal stakeholders (including the political leadership, senior management and other staff at various levels). These engagements will be used to complete the assessment.
The outcomes are presented to the Mayor and Municipal Manager for confirmation. The assessment team (made up of 5 of the City’s senior councilors and officials, and an InTAcT facilitator) will then draft a city integrity and accountability improvement plan to address key challenges highlighted in the assessment and to leverage good practice identified.
Participation in the City Assessment process is currently limited to metropolitan cities and is on a voluntary basis. The programme is run by the CSP and the cost of the independent expert/s is covered by them. The municipality is expected to host meetings and workshops.
The pilot InTAcT City Assessment process kicked off in December 2017. In the pilot phase, 3 cities will be assessed. The results of those individual city assessments can be found below.

Mandela Bay

Assessment: Complete

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City Assessments Tool

The purpose of the self-assessment is to give participating cities a picture of their integrity and social accountability performance in relation to critical decision making processes related to land development and infrastructure development. It will serve to highlight strengths and challenges, as well as make recommendations regarding how the city can incrementally improve its decision-making and performance.
It is also the intention that the exercise creates a basis for inter- and intra-city dialogue about how to improve policy, practice and performance related to integrity, social accountability and smart governance.

A detailed methodology and a range of tools including a City Assessment Framework have been developed for the InTAcT Project.
To view the assessment methodology or explore the assessment tools please click the link View City Assessment Tools